Rafal Pleszka also known as Ralph Driver began his journey back in 1992 with a burning desire to unveil and thus uncover his true potential  as dj producer, In 1994 forming a small home studio, he purchased the equipment needed to record his first mix tape and introduce himself DJ to Chicago dj circuit.

As DJ/MC he has produced original tracks and mixes. He is skilled in beats matching and track selection. Traveling the world, spinning: Electronica, progressive, techno, and house. He can read any crowd and deliver a seamless mix that gets the crowd dancing. Forging through the hard times with extraordinary talent as dj, producer, and true dedication to achieve.

“I really want to reach out, finding people, let them hear my work and my heart beating with music inside.”

I have the talent and I’ve been around the music entertainment industry for many years. I have the combination, true dedication, and participation in the future of: Synth, loops, and remix sessions world-wide.

Fast forward to 2017 and his music is as always unique and in a way arranged different from the standard industry techniques, still in small studio living out his passion working and enjoying to make the you happy.